September 10, 2023

DPPS Dental Convention
6 Continuing Education Hours


Seminar Location: GC America - NEWish LOCATION (East of DoubleTree Hotel on 127th approx. 5 minutes)

3737 W. 127th St.Alsip, IL. 60803


AM Seminar Topic: “Work Smarter Not Harder – Changing the Game with, Fluoride, SDF and Sealants"

Course Description: Traditionally, the populations that are most likely to have untreated dental caries are the peoplethat are the least likely to have access to treatment. They are also the patients with the mostfear and most significant risk factors – the young, the elderly, and the disabled. Luckily the use of Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF), Fluoride, Glass Ionomer (GI), Sealants, and Curodont have made it much easier, less painful and invasive, and less time-consuming to treat caries. Since no anesthetics are necessary, patients won’t be medically compromised or traumatized by needles, and surgery can be avoided. When the procedure has been explained to parents, the majority have favored it over traditional treatments. Using SDF, Fluoride, and Glass Ionomer is not only non-invasive but safe and effective.

This course is designed to show attendees how to use SDF, Fluoride, resin, and GI sealants application and how this non-invasive treatment can be incorporated into their everyday practice to better treat even their most at-risk patients. 

Attendees will learn to 

1. Identify the advantages of using non-invasive treatment options 

2. Implement the use of SDF, fl, Curodont, and glass ionomer into their practice 

3. Practice hands-on application 

4. Recognize Indications/contraindications for the use of SDF

PM Seminar Topic: Medical-dental Integration: Claim Your Seat at the Healthcare Table

Course Description: The integration of medicine and dentistry is an exciting development in modern healthcare. While medical-dental integration was once a dream among healthcare visionaries, it is now a tangible reality. This is due in large part to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has accelerated change and made many Americans aware of the oral-systemic link for the first time. In this educational webinar, Crystal Spring, RDH, an expert in access-to-care issues, will look at how dental professionals can be a part of this historical medical-dental transition. 

Through a dynamic discussion, a number of impactful medical procedures for dental professionals will be presented. These include: taking thorough health histories, administering vaccines, testing HbA1c levels, measuring blood pressure, performing oral cancer screenings, and helping patients with nutritional choices. Dental solutions for medical providers will also be explored. These include: the use of intraoral cameras, referring via teledentistry, providing oral health recommendations, applying fluoride treatments, and performing oral cancer screenings. The overall result is the closing of long standing gaps in American healthcare, with dental professionals having the chance to improve overall patient care in ways never before possible. 

 Upon completion of this CE webinar, the student will be able to: 

 1. Understand how access-to-care and oral health disparities in America are being overcome 

 2. Recognize the role of dental providers as integral members of the medical healthcare team 

 3. Develop strategies to bring medical tools into a dental practice 

 4. Find ways to use teledentistry for overall patient health


Crystal Spring, BSDH, RDH, LAP shares an engaging perspective on building rich and dynamic Access to Care programs. From beginning stages of public policy to creating a network of compassionate providers, she masterfully knits inspiring stories together with her trademark warmth and wisdom. Crystal’s presentations are uplifting and inspiring and will motivate audiences to rise and elevate lives. 

 A Montana native, Crystal’s heart and vision are bigger than the Montana skies she lives under. In 2018 she co- founded Smiles Across Montana, a non-profit organization that covers the state with access to care programs that are changing the lives of countless children and seniors. She is also a co-founder of RISE, an organization empowering dental professionals with a map, journey, and inspiration to navigate professional passion and purpose. 

 Along with serving as president of the Montana Dental Hygienists’ Association and as a Trustee to the American Dental Hygienists’ Association, she has been featured in numerous industry articles and podcasts. Currently, she serves on the RDH magazine editorial advisory board and has authored numerous articles in areas of public health.

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