Register for Placement

Register for Placement

Welcome to the Dental Personnel Placement Service, Inc Employment Registration Page.

To begin working with DPPS, Inc. an agreement needs to be reviewed, signed, and returned. This will help DPPS, Inc. to actively begin searching for your employment needs and wants.

Returning the agreement can be accomplished by faxing it to DPPS, Inc. at 800-420-9363 or by mail (located on the contract).

The agreement simply allows DPPS, Inc. to review your past working experience. The agreement also allows the dental professional to review DPPS, Inc. policies.

The agreement does NOT bind you to DPPS, Inc. Working with other agencies or doctors on “your own” is acceptable and often encouraged so you can experience different working relationships and also come to recognize the personal attention the DPPS, Inc staff provides you.

A fee of $40.00 (plus $3 fee processing fee) is required to proceed with employment registration. This is a one time fee and is used for database entries, faxing, mailings, and administrative duties that will allow DPPS, Inc. to find you that perfect job. This fee is non-refundable. Payment can be conveniently made by using a major credit card or by Pay Pal. If you prefer you may call DPPS, Inc. to register at: 708-535-9545

If you have any questions regarding The DPPS, Inc. contract, you may call the office during office hours and a staff member will be happy to assist you.

The DPPS staff and I look forward to beginning our working relationship.

Please enter your email address and select Buy Now. The Contract will then be emailed to you shortly. To get immediate attention please send an e-mail to DPPS, Inc. with a note at you registered along with your dental title to: dppsdental @ YOU MUST REGISTER PRIOR TO SENDING THE E-MAIL REQUEST.

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