Janelle portwood rdh seminar


Seminar for One of Our own

Date: Thursday June 24, 2021

Time: 7:00 PM CST

Dealing with Difficult People: Strategies for Managing, Patients, Co-workers, Bosses

Presented by Carol Jahn, RDH, MS | cjahn@waterpik.com

Course description: 

Do you have a patient that you feel you can never

please? A co-worker/employee who always seems to have an attitude? Or

a boss who pressures and challenges you at every turn? You are not alone.

Everyone has had to face the challenge of dealing with a difficult person.

This course will help you develop effective strategies to help you feel more

confident and empowered to take control, manage the situation, and have

a more enjoyable work life.

All proceeds from this 1-hour seminar will be donated to the family. DPPS is asking that YOU make the decision on the amount you wish to pay for this 1-hour seminar. We are asking that the minimal amount is $20.00. Our goal is to raise $ 5,000.00 for the family.

If you wish to donate but not attend that is fine. Please indicate on the registration page that this is a donation. This will indicate to DPPS that a code for the seminar is not needed.  However, the donation will go directly to the Portwood family.

Please note, that in order to receive the 1-hour CE, attendance is required. Once registered you will receive a link to the seminar for June 24th. Once again, I hope to see you on-line June 24th or that donations are plentiful to show support for “One of Our Own” 


About Janelle

Janelle Portwood a RDH and Clinical Instructor needs dental professionals to gather and provide spiritual and financial assistance to her and her family. I have worked with Janelle at Prairie State College Dental Hygiene for the past 2 years. She is devoted, compassioned and just a down to earth person that everyone loves to be around.

My role in this seminar is being Janelle’s friend and colleague, who does not know what else to do to help. I decided the best way to assist Janelle and her family is to honor Janelle’s number one request and that is to pray for her. Without saying, that is done!

However, the urge to help Janelle and her family persisted and thus came the idea to have this one hour continuing education seminar. I reached out to Carol Jahn, RDH, MS; Director Professional Relations & Education at Waterpix and without hesitation, Carol was on board.

The day and time were decided upon so as many dental professionals in Illinois could attend. What was heartwarming is the Iowa RDH branch also informed me they would help and after contacting the IDHA, their assistance was assured.

As the owner of Dental Personnel Placement Service, Inc I speak to RDH’S in Illinois and many times the topic is about being united and forming a union. What better time to become united and form a union than right now! Demonstrating support for a RDH who needs our help.

I remember the day Janelle told me she didn’t feel well. She had vertigo symptoms and as the Department Chair, I found a replacement for the day. As the symptoms persisted, the Instructors felt it was just a nasty case of vertigo. You can imagine the shock we felt when one of our own, a dental family member was diagnosed with brain and lung cancer. Just like Janelle’s family, we were devasted.

Just sit and think for a moment. One day you are practicing as a RDH and instructing students, being a Mom, a wife, sister and daughter and the next day you have a diagnosis of brain and lung cancer. As Janelle often says, it is her faith that moves her forward. Janelle is an inspiration to all of us and I am praying we can help her and be an inspiration to her and her family as well.

I hope to see you on June 24th at 7PM for this virtual seminar. Seminar information along with additional information written by Janelle’s Sister-in-Law is below.

Every day is a gift!

Kathy Karwoski, RDH

DPPS, President

Update from Janelles Sister in Law

In April 2021, Janelle was diagnosed with lung cancer which metastasized to the brain. This is after showing little to no symptoms, and a lifetime of clean living--no smoking or drinking, regular healthy diet and exercise, etc...so it was a shock! Brain surgery occurred shortly after the diagnosis, to remove the largest of three brain tumors. Doctors are deciding how to treat the two remaining tumors in the brain, and one lung tumor. The road ahead will be hard...and Janelle is surrounded by an amazing husband, 4 loving boys, and a network of family and friends. We thank God for all of them!

Her loss of income will make life challenging for her family. We hope any additional finances will help the boys and allow for Mike, her husband, to take time off of work, if necessary, to care for her.

How is Janelle handling this? If you read her Facebook posts, you are welcomed into a personal life of faith, struggle, honesty, fears and love for God in the midst of this trial. As she stated, "I wouldn't trade any of this... because the Good that is coming out of it far outweighs the Bad--in my life and others'..."


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